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Cement Grouting Pumps

A cement grouting pump is designed to sustain extreme conditions and is used in underground and tunnel construction, mining and securing excavation pits and mountain slopes. High capacity grouting pump comes with automatic water mixing technology that includes a PU Liener & Conveyor which provides for longer life. With the use of a valve, water can be added as per the requirement for the cement slurry. Also, being semi-automatic, it does not require any experienced person to operate the machine.

With all the above feature, you will find various types of cement grouting pump in India that will serve the purpose. However, checking with a reputed cement grouting pumps supplier will help you get genuine and industrially approved machinery that will serve the purpose without any issues. Whenever you are in search of a cement grouting pump, make sure to do your research that will help you to find the best quality machines that will work smoothly and will not have any issues.

You will also find renowned cement grouting pumps manufacturer that can help you design and manufacture the machine depending on the quantity you require. This will help you to get as many numbers of machinery to have a continuous workflow without any interruption that will increase productivity and reduce the time of work.


Cement Grouting Pump Parts

Boomer & Tamrock Parts

Boomer & Tamrock parts are used to enhance the efficiency of the construction machine. It is seen that these parts are equally important for the smooth running of construction machines. There are different types of parts available in the market and depending on the quality, they are purchased. While a lot of companies prefer the best quality over everything else, some companies overlook the quality. However, if you are the one that takes quality seriously, then Max Spares & Engineers is the name for you.

We are a reputed Tamrock parts supplier that has gained a lot of popularity and trust of clients who are ruling the construction industry. With us, you will get nothing but the best and we have been doing this work for a long time. Our products are designed under expert supervision which means there is no chance of a fault. In addition to that, the products undergo a stringent quality check which means there is no chance of having a poor-quality product.

We are just a call away and you can always place a bulk order with us online. With an online presence, we are having a better reach for our customers and can cater to their needs. Amidst this pandemic, getting order online has helped us continue with our business as well as our client’s so that they are not getting affected by any means and that makes us renowned Tamrock parts manufacture that will get you only the best.


Shotcrete Machine Parts

Shotcrete machine is used in dry and wet shotcrete machines. These parts are designed to complete a shotcrete machine that can work flawlessly and can serve the purpose well. Designed in industrial materials, the parts are industrially approved and works together in alignment with other parts and mechanism and does the work just fine. They are used in different machines that make the work easier and hassle-free. There is numerous shotcrete machine parts manufacturer that offers quality products without fail.

With these parts, working for construction projects become simpler and you will have nothing to worry about. If you are looking forward to buying them then you can check for a shotcrete machine parts supplier in India who can help you get the best quality products. All you need to do is contact Max Spares & Engineers so they can help you get the best quality products. We are a renowned company that has hugely been serving big and small clients alike.

With us, you will not have any concerns as it works just fine and will serve the purpose well. All it takes is the understanding of the products and once you get to know that, working with the machine will be a simple process. You will find the best quality machine from a reputed shotcrete machine parts supplier like us and we will assist you with the best.


Concrete Pump Parts

Other Products

  • Rib bending for tunnels

    Type : Rib bending

    Weight : 5000-10000kg

    Color : Brown

    Driven Type : Electric, Hydraulic

    Country of Origin : India

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    Rib bending for tunnels

  • Gears

    Type : Worm Gears

    Material : Steel Bonze, Mild Steel

    Shape : Round

    Application : Industrial Use

    Weight : 10-20kg, 20-30kg, 30-40kg, 40-50kg

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  • Small Gears

    As per customer's Sample Or drawing we manufacture accurately sized gears. 

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    Small Gears

  • Tunnel Lining Gantry

    Type : Tunnel Gantry

    Application : Construction

    Feature : Capable For Load, Customized Solutions, Easy To Use, Heavy Weight Lifting, Strong

    Condition : New

    Load Capacity : 15-20tons, 20-25tons, 25-30tons, 30-35tons, 35-40tons, 40-45tons, 45-50tons, 50-55tons

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    Tunnel Lining Gantry

  • Dry Shotcrete Machine

    Weight : 900 Kgs

    Color : Yellow

    Voltage : 440 V

    Power Source : Electric

    Internal Diameter of Gunting Hose : 65 mm

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    Dry Shotcrete Machine

  • Wet Shotcrete Machine

    Weight : 1400 Kgs

    Voltage : 440 V

    Capacity : 7 Cubic Meter

    Nozzle Size : 50 mm

    Internal Diameter Of Gunting Hose : 65 mm

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    Wet Shotcrete Machine

  • Pneumatic Concrete Placer

    Type : Pneumatic

    Size : Standard

    Material : Metal

    Color : Blue

    Surface : Polished

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    Pneumatic Concrete Placer

  • Shotcrete Machine Nozzles

    Weight : 1400kg

    Material : Polyurethane

    Size : Standard

    Shape : Round

    Application : Shotcreteing

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    Shotcrete Machine Nozzles

  • Tunnel Gantry
    A tunnel gantry is a travelling formwork that is available in different shape and sizes to fit the size of the tunnels with ranging diameters. This is used in hydroelectric projects for digging purposes and having a tunnel that can be used for other important work. it can be for spreading pipelines

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    Tunnel Gantry

  • Mai 400nt Pump
    A great product that is a compilation or innovation of mixing and conveying technology, the Mai 400nt pump is easily available in the market. It is being sold by numerous companies however, only a few of them are known to sell genuine and best quality products. among so many companies, Max Spares

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    Mai 400nt Pump

  • Boomer L2D Spares
    Another part or product that is used in construction machines is the boomer L2D spares. It is seen that these parts are equally important for the smooth running of construction machines. There are different types of parts available in the market and depending on the quality, they are purchased.

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    Boomer L2D Spares

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